Auto Vent Clip-Laundry Line

Auto Vent Clip-Laundry Line

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What Makes it Special:

  • Gorgeous, high-quality fragrance created in-house by a dedicated team of professional perfumers
  • Take your favorite Bridgewater fragrance with you everywhere you travel


    Fragrance: Laundry Line
    Fragrance Family: Fresh
    Fragrance Description: Ozone, lily of the valley, musk and soft woods blend together to create a crisp, comforting and familiar fragrance that will make you want drift into dreamland. You don't have to wait until laundry day to enjoy the heavenly aroma of freshly washed sheets.

    Use and Care:
    Remove your new Auto Vent Clip from its packaging and raise the clip that's attached to the back
    Turn the dial at the top of the Auto Vent Clip to the open position
    Connect your Auto Vent Clip to the air vent in your vehicle by sliding the clip onto one of the slats
    Adjust the intensity of your fragrance using the same dial at the top
    Enjoy your favorite fragrance on the go for up to 30 days

    Volume: 0.1 oz
    Lifespan: 30 days